Liner Notes


Todd Donnelly- Vocals, Steel Pans, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion

Dylan Donnelly- Keyboards on “Tropical Existence”, “Island Identity”, “Musical Generations”, Tenor Pan on “Relaxing Song”

Tyler Donnelly- Tenor Pan on “Island Identity” and “Musical Generations”, Drums on “Musical Generations”

Rich Fulfs- Guitar on “Modern Day Pirates”, “Island Identity”, “These Old Pans”, “I Am What I Am”

Wally Hustin- Bass Guitar on “Modern Day Pirates”, “Goin’ To Paradise”, “Getaway Day”, “Tropical Existence”

Dwain Brown- Bass Guitar on “Island Identity” and “I Am What I Am”

Eric Levy- Piano on “Key West Cats”

Chris Gorcik- Bass on “Key West Cats”

Dave Rudolf- Guitars on “Goin’ To Paradise”, Background Vocals on “Modern Day Pirates”

Al Joseph- Violin on ”Modern Day Pirates”

Kathi Donnelly- Voice Talent on “Getaway Day”

Mark Ward- Voice Talent on “Getaway Day”

Special Thanks To:

Kathi (for making this all possible!), Dylan, Tyler and my wonderful family!

Rich Fulfs, Wally Hustin, Dwain Brown, Dave Rudolf, Chris Gorcik, Eric Levy, Al Joseph, Cliff Alexis, Mark Ward

Steel Pans made by Cliff Alexis

Cover Art “Donnelly’s Dream” by Dan Makin

This album is dedicated to all the musical generations in my life- past, present and future!