The Songs

1) Tropical Existence- The title cut and it sets the mood for the entire album! I wrote this one over 20 years ago with the plan to make an album with it…now here it is! It has lots of percussion and features my son Dylan on piano. You will definitely be transported to a warmer climate with this song!

2) Goin’ To Paradise- first released as a single in 2015, the name says it all! If you have someone special that you would love to whisk away to paradise, you will definitely relate!

3) Getaway Day- If you ever booked a flight and ready to head south, this song will take you along your journey every step of the way! It features the voice talents of a “mystery flight attendant” and my friend Mark Ward, a retired pilot. Fasten your seatbelts- it’s your Getaway Day!

4) Key West Cats– This one first appeared on the album “Warm Weather Music” back in 2001. I have added it because it’s one of my most requested songs! It feature Eric Levy on piano and Chris Gorcik on bass- a fun mix of “Island Jazz”. Those cats at the Hemingway House surely do have it “made in the shade!”

5) Island Identity- one of my new reggae tunes featuring my son Tyler doing Tenor steelpan with me! This song is about all of the fans I’ve met that are CRAZY about Island Music- they all have that common “Island Identity”!

6) Modern Day Pirates- First released as a single in 2015, the name says it all…a song about all of the pirates I have come across in my years of doing this! They are a brave bunch and they are “not afraid to conquer their dreams”! Featuring the awesome violin work of Al Joseph, this one is a crowd favorite!

7) These Old Pans- This song is very personal and is about my 30 year old steel pans. It covers the way I fell in love with the sound and how they have become such a big part of my music and my life! It is dedicated to my longtime friend Cliff Alexis who built them for me and has been a huge influence on my musical career. Thanks Cliff!

8) Navigate My Heart (Original Version)- This one was written for my wonderful wife Kathi and I first sang it to her at our wedding back in 1999. This is the original version and is pretty much exactly the way it was recorded back then. Kathi, you truly do “Navigate My Heart”!

9) I Am What I Am– another new reggae tune that features Rich Fulfs on guitar and Dwain Brown on bass. I like to be as transparent as possible and live by the phrase “what you see is what you get!”

10) Relaxing Song- an instrumental duo with my son Dylan on tenor pan, this one was originally released as a single in 2016. Hopefully the song does exactly what the title says!

11) Musical Generations- perhaps the most personal story I have ever shared in my songwriting. The song covers 5 different “musical generations” in my family and ends with the next generation- my sons Dylan and Tyler! They did quite a bit of the music on here and I am very proud of them! We used many “vintage” instruments in the recording such as a 60s Farfisa organ and my 70s drum kit which add to the nostalgia. Here’s to the next generation!!

12) Currency- A fun tribute to my occupation! On this track I used a bunch of tip jar change that I have gathered over the years as percussion and it all became part of the song! I am truly blessed to do what I do and wouldn’t trade my job for anything else!

We hope you enjoy the music- Thanks for all your support for all these years!